Sindusfarma Annual Activity Report 2023

Omilton Visconde Junior

2024 shall be another challenging year for the pharmaceutical production chain.
Some signs are encouraging, such as the approval of the extensive Brazilian tax reform, although full of “exceptions”. If well implemented it shall help reduce the country’s outrageous tax burden, especially on medicines – currently equivalent to 30% of the final price! 
The relaunch of the Health Economic-Industrial Complex, incorporated into the ambitious Brazil’a New Industry (Nova Indústria Brasil) plan, is another measure that points to an improvement in the general economic environment and growth opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry installed in Brazil.
But several issues still need to be resolved, such as the modernization of medicine pricing rules, the relaxation of price controls, the model for incorporating and financing advanced therapies, and the effective supervision of the dispensing of medicines subject to medical prescription.
And there is a bigger issue, which the country needs to resolve once and for all: the lack of legal security, which hinders and even makes companies' plans unfeasible, harming economic activity and, consequently, the generation of wealth and the progress of the Brazilian society.
In this last year of the term of the Board that I have the honor of presiding over we shall be committed to maintaining Brazilian Pharmaceutical Products Industry Union (Sindusfarma) as a major reference in the pharmaceutical industry on all strategic fronts by means of a proactive agenda and continued implementation of the Strategic Planning.
This is a critical movement.
Because, as obvious as it may be, the contribution of the pharmaceutical industry to the continuous promotion of health and quality of life of the Brazilian and world population needs to be permanently clarified so that authorities and society understand why the country must provide the necessary conditions for the development of the sector.
Let us, therefore, redouble our efforts in this mission.
And at the end of the year we shall have a very special celebration: the inauguration of the entity’s new headquarters in the historic address of Vila Olímpia (a district in the Brazilian city of São Paulo).


Sindusfarma Annual Activity Report 

Nelson Mussolini
Executive President

Dear associates,

The year in which Brazilian Pharmaceutical Products Industry Union (Sindusfarma) celebrated its 90 years of existence did justice to the entity’s trajectory. It was a year full of achievements. We are the largest and most representative entity in the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil!
Encouraging the innovation ecosystem and advancing Sindusfarma’s internationalization process. These two major objectives of the entity’s Strategic Planning were addressed in the beginning of 2023 with the organization of the business mission to Switzerland that visited that country in April to participate in Swiss Biotech Day and visit biotechnology innovation centers.
This same guidance has led Sindusfarma to join the Brazilian delegation present at the BIO International Convention, another major event focused on the health innovation ecosystem held in Boston, in the United States, in June.
In February a parliamentary amendment that transferred the regulatory powers of regulatory agencies to external councils, threatening Brazilian Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa)’s independence in health matters, was the subject of the article “Indispensable Autonomy” published in the Brazilian newspaper O Globo, which achieved great repercussion. This topic has also motivated the publication of a manifesto signed by Sindusfarma and health sector entities.
Also in February Sindusfarma, together with the Brazilian federal government, coordinated donations of medicines and financial resources from the pharmaceutical industry to help victims of storms on the North Coast of the Brazilian state of São Paulo.
In March directors of the Tax Citizenship Center (CCiF), authors of the Tax Reform proposal that was being discussed in the Brazilian Congress, participated in a debate with leaders from Sindusfarma, ABIMED (Brazilian Association of the Health Technology Industry) and ANAHP (National Association of Private Hospitals) with the presence of associates from the three entities. Weeks later the “Manifesto of the Health Productive Sector on Tax Reform”, signed by Sindusfarma and eight other Health entities, was delivered to the members of the tax reform working group in the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.
Also in March Sindusfarma held the official launch of the “Guideline for the Advancement of Racial Equity in the Pharmaceutical Sector”. The document was written by the Diversity Working Group, which has been operating since 2021, and approved by the Board.
In the same month the second class of the MBA Pharmaceutical Industry FIA/Sindusfarma completed the course after two years of studies.
In the end of March the Brazilian Service for Industrial Training (Senai) and Sindusfarma renewed their decades-long partnership to launch new technical training courses for professionals in the pharmaceutical production chain that include recent technological advances such as biotechnology and industry 4.0 (Fourth Industrial Revolution) devices with the aim of preparing them to meet the new demands of the job market.
The Cândido Fontoura Necklace of Pharmaceutical Industrial Merit (a tribute to personalities and executives with outstanding careers in the pharmaceutical and health sectors named after Cândido Fontoura Silveira, a Brazilian pharmacist and businessman) was awarded to 29 personalities from the Health and pharmaceutical sectors at the great party that marked the highlight of the celebrations for the 90th anniversary of the founding of Sindusfarma held on the night of April 26th in the halls of Clube Atlético Monte Líbano in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.
Four authorities were honored with the commendation: the Minister of Health, Nísia Trindade, who received the Necklace in a special meeting held at the entity’s headquarters; the former director of the Brazilian Butantan Institute, Dimas Covas; the director of Anvisa, Meiruze Freitas; and the president of Anvisa, Antonio Barra Torres, honored during Sindusfarma’s end-of-year celebration meeting.
In May the Sindusfarma’s executive president was sworn in as a member of the Council for Sustainable Economic and Social Development of the Presidency of the Republic, the so-called Conselhão (Large Council), at the inaugural meeting held at the Brazilian Itamaraty Palace (the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil) in the city of Brasília.
In the same month the meeting “New Approaches in Clinical Research”, organized by Sindusfarma, brought together experts, authorities and patients in a two-day event to celebrate International Clinical Research Day.
In the end of May Sindusfarma played a prominent role in the 1st Brazilian Free Conference: Expansion and Strengthening of the Health Economic-Industrial Complex at FIESP (Federation of Industries of the Brazilian state of São Paulo). The event discussed guidelines and proposals from the productive sector and service providers to improve the country’s health system, which would be presented at the 17th Brazilian Health Conference of the Brazilian Health Council.
In July Sindusfarma’s Technical-Regulatory and Innovation director, Rosana Mastellaro, was invested in office into the Brazilian Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
In the same month, with the aim of preparing pharmacists at the beginning of their careers to work in the pharmaceutical industry, Brazilian educational compound Faculdades Oswaldo Cruz, in a partnership with Sindusfarma, launched a Lato Sensu postgraduate course.
In August the 10th anniversary of the ESPM (Brazilian Higher School of Advertising and Marketing)-Sindusfarma partnership was celebrated. Since 2013 more than 500 professionals have been trained in the Postgraduate course in Business Management with Emphasis on the Pharmaceutical Market held by the Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM) in a partnership with Sindusfarma.
In the same month, representatives from INPI (Brazilian Intellectual Property Institute) and FINEP Brazilian government Financial Supporter of Studies and Projects participated in a meeting at the entity to present the financing plans for Innovation offered by the institutions.
Also in August, with the support of Sindusfarma, a pioneering group of women who lead pharmaceutical industries in the country launched the LeaderShe initiative which aims to inspire and encourage other women to grow in their careers, positively impacting their journeys and contributing to greater gender equity in the sector.
In September the unprecedented course on public health policies for Legislative and Executive technicians - an initiative by Sindusfarma with an academic support from Administration Institute Foundation (FIA) - had its inaugural class held in Brasília.
Also in September Sindusfarma began preparing a work plan to deepen ESG (environmental, social and governance) practices at the entity under conceptual and methodological guidance from Brazilian foundation Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) with the aim of establishing actions and strategies that can be shared with associated companies and the pharmaceutical production chain in general.
In October, at an invitation from Sindusfarma, the director of the Brazilian Data Protection Authority (ANPD), Miriam Wimmer, discussed the five years of implementation in the country of the Brazilian General Personal Data Protection Law (LGPD) and the challenges and opportunities imposed by it.
In the same month the new executive secretary of the Brazilian Medicines Market Regulation Chamber (CMED), Daniela Marreco, participated in a face-to-face meeting with companies associated with Sindusfarma, in which she discussed the pricing of medicines in Brazil.
Also in October, in Brasília, the 2nd Brazilian Health Innovation Summit brought together pharmaceutical industries, companies in the health economic complex, startups, authorities, incubators, entrepreneurs, development organizations and researchers. The meeting debated the trends and challenges of health innovation in Brazil in a partnership with Brazilian company Biominas Brasil and Brazilian Pharmaceutical Innovation Network (RBIF). Created to highlight and encourage “innovative projects for human health”, the Inovo Award was granted at the end of the Summit to startups that developed innovative solutions for the treatment of cancer.
In December the “Summit 2023 Advanced Therapies and Rare Diseases”, held by Sindusfarma and Interfarma (Brazilian Association of the Pharmaceutical Research Industry) in the city of Brasília, was attended by Brazilian and international experts in debates on innovative financing models that encourage the expansion of access to innovative therapies in Brazil for patients from public and private health care systems.
In the same month the 2nd Workshop on Biologicals and Biosimilars took place in Brasília, in an initiative by Anvisa, Sindusfarma and United States Pharmacopeia.
With a seat on the Brazilian Commission for the Incorporation of Technologies (Conitec) and on the Brazilian Health Council (CNS) Sindusfarma maintained its stance of vigorously defending the legitimate interests of the pharmaceutical production chain in the country, aiming to expand access to new health technologies for the benefit of the Brazilian population. 
The Sindusfarma 2023 Games were held between March and November in 14 sports with the participation of athletes from 13 companies. And, for the first time, the Brazilian city of Guarujá hosted Beach Tennis, Beach Volleyball and Footvolley tournaments. During the competitions the Solidarity Campaign collected 2,100 kg of food which were delivered to more than 150 families in Parque Santo Antônio in the South Zone of the city of São Paulo.
Other large and traditional events were held: 47th Lupa de Ouro Award (gold magnifying glass); 27th Sindusfarma Quality Award; 11th Boomerang Prize and the 12th Excellence in GST Award which debuted in 2023 in the “Environmental Project” category with the entry of eight large companies. 
Finally one should note the thousands of professionals who participated throughout the year in plenary sessions, working groups, commissions and workshops organized by the entity’s Boards and Management. In addition to the workshops, seminars and lectures of the Sindusfarma Educational Program (PES).
This introductory text highlights some of Sindusfarma’s achievements in 2023 which are described in detail on the following pages of this Annual Activity Report.
In short, in its various areas of activity, attention to the needs of the sector and associated companies is Sindusfarma’s primary undertaking. And to fulfill this mission the entity is in a permanent process of improving its services. Consider the set of goals and actions included in your Strategic Planning.
Sindusfarma treats each associated company (and its professionals) as customers, to whom the entity must offer the best service and, as far as possible, contribute to solving their problems.
Achieving this goal in 2023 was only possible due to the competence and dedication of the excellent team of professionals who take care of each member, in fact, as a customer of the services we provide.
This is Sindusfarma’s hallmark in its 90 years of operation. Hence the slogan that summarizes the history of the entity: Leadership in the pharmaceutical industry providing health care in Brazil since 1933.
Yours faithfully,
Nelson Mussolini