Sindusfarma’s Strategic Plan 

Sindusfarma’s strategic plan focus on improving services, expanding access and promoting innovation

Sindusfarma’s board approved the entity’s strategic planning for the coming years to be implemented between 2023 and 2026 focusing on improving the services offered to member companies and guided by the greater purpose of promoting patients’ access to medicines and pharmaceutical products and innovation in the Health Industrial Complex.

The work is being carried out with the guidance and methodological support of Brazilian renowned business school Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC). Its premises and content have been formulated throughout 2022 and validated by Sindusfarma’s directors.

The entity’s Vision for the Future is: “To be a reference in the pharmaceutical production chain, in the generation and dissemination of knowledge and in the management of relationships with companies, partners and strategic actors in health with a focus on expanding access.”

Over the next four years Sindusfarma shall introduce processes, create programs and incorporate technologies, among other actions, with the aim of improving current work and developing new services for members, gaining even more relevance and expanding its dialogue with the various public authorities and strategic actors in the health area.

These initiatives include projects that contribute to expanding the pharmaceutical market, promote regulatory convergence, seek synergies with other institutions in the health sector and improve the active channel of communication with associates. 

Entrenched clauses

Sindusfarma’s strategic plan has formally established the fundamental values that have always guided the entity’s performance in all areas. These are the so-called Entrenched clauses, namely:

  • Defense of free pricing and free competition
  • Defense of reducing the pharmaceutical industry’s tax burden
  • Defense of health rules in line with the best international standards
  • Defense of intellectual property and data protection

Sindusfarma is also formally committed to and cultivates the following attributes: Integrity, Transparency, Knowledge, Trust, Equity and Independence.

ESG Culture

Promoting ESG practices (environmental, social and governance), expanding the entity’s international operations, establishing new partnerships and developing talents are other important objectives of Sindusfarma’s strategic planning until 2026.

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