Guideline for the Advancement of Racial Equity

Guideline for the Advancement of Racial Equity in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Overcoming institutional and structural racism in Brazil is a critical and urgent goal for the country’s progress on all fronts.

For this reason, the pharmaceutical industry association Sindusfarma, which is the largest representative entity of the pharmaceutical production chain in Brazil, supports racial equity in the most diverse fields of action: social, educational, business, cultural etc.

In this sense it encourages the adoption, by companies in the sector, of internal and external actions for the inclusion of individuals belonging to all historically excluded and discriminated groups in Brazilian society.

This issue especially affects the black population, with such an influential participation in history and in forming the national character. Therefore, providing job opportunities and developing and retaining black talent in companies in the sector is an important objective, in addition to the necessary appreciation of these professionals, to promote the complete integration of members of this relevant group into Brazilian society.

Sindusfarma also supports affirmative action by companies associated with the entity such as programs to clarify employees and leaders about the racial issue in the Brazilian historical context, the so-called “racial literacy”, among other initiatives, with the aim of promoting practices to encourage diversity and create increasingly inclusive and balanced corporate environments.

By encouraging the dissemination of racial equity in the pharmaceutical production chain Sindusfarma reaffirms its commitment to the greater objective which is the reduction of the great inequality that still exists in the country, one of the greatest obstacles to Brazil’s full social and economic development.

December 2022

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