Brazilian Pharmaceutical Innovation Network (RBIF)

Brazilian Pharmaceutical Innovation Network (RBIF)

The Brazilian Pharmaceutical Innovation Network (RBIF) was born out of the genuine interest from several innovation professionals in the pharmaceutical industry to promote and strengthen the innovation environment in the health sector in Brazil. Created in February 2020, the RBIF brings together professionals from the pharmaceutical sector at the center of the discussion on the main bottlenecks and opportunities for establishing and strengthening pharmaceutical innovation ecosystems nationwide.

Organized on 5 main pillars and formalized in 4 important commissions the RBIF has free membership of SINDUSFARMA members in addition to the active participation of other parties interested in innovation such as government agents and independent agencies, entrepreneurs, universities and researchers as well as representatives of venture capital and development institutions.
The RBIF meets through the activities of its committees and its meetings with the following main objectives:

Culture for Innovation Commission – to identify deficiencies and opportunities in the intersectional development of culture for innovation, whether directly related to the health environment or not. This committee’s premise is to encourage education, training and increase attention to the various disciplines that make up innovation;

Resources and Infrastructure Committee – it meets to discuss the macroeconomic environment, infrastructure for innovation, identify facilitators and encourage the flow of capital to finance risk activities focused on innovation. It is also responsible for spearheading the formulation of long-term development policies and strategies for strengthening pharmaceutical innovation ecosystems;

Policy and Regulatory Committee – it discusses the regulatory framework involving innovation in the pharmaceutical area, participating in debates and public consultations on the formal regulatory environment on innovation, whether in the area of intellectual protection, research incentives or product development;

Digital Innovation Commission – it promotes benchmarks, discusses technology adoption, impacts on productivity, development and its benefits for the pharmaceutical sector and society as a whole. Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning are some of the topics discussed by this commission.

The Brazilian Pharmaceutical Innovation Network (RBIF) intends to attract professionals and associated companies to openly discuss innovation, its need, impacts and opportunities.

Together with the government, academia, entrepreneurs, members of society and capital/project financiers we want to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem that not only leads our industry to scientific and technological advancement but also ensures development of the entire pharmaceutical value chain and especially impact on the lives of patients and consumers.

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